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Why Pick Us?

Explore the wide range of our products and the services we have to offer.


99% Uptime and Node Stats

We work hard for optimal uptime and stay transparent with a public resource page!


DDoS Protection

With up to 5Tbps of network coverage, your server will stay online, even during the largest of attacks!


Helpful Support

With qualified and friendly staff, we can diagnose and help solve almost any issue you throw our way!


Unmetered Storage

With no default hard cap on storage, you are free to use storage as and when you need it!


SQL Databases

With integrated database management, no need to worry about complex database mangement!


Amazing Prices

Get the quality at a fraction of the price!

Performance first

Our Hardware

We use the latest hardware available in the market. From being one of the only hosts with powerful Ryzen 5 7600 budget servers to Water Cooled Ryzen 9 7950x Premium servers meaning you won't ever slow down!

Hardware illustration
Panel illustration
Simple, but still effective

The Control Panel

Performance is not everything. We have also developed our software to be simple yet effective with unique tools like a subdomain manager, modpack installer, backup manager, full sFTP access, auto port allocator, subuser controller and much much more!

Beating the competition

How do we Compare?

Why should you pick us over others? Simply, there's just more. Benchmark results from cpubenchmark.net, accurate as of august 2023 comparing the cheapest game plan of every provider.

Single thread
Price per GB$1$3$7.99$1$10$1
All NVMe
Public Node
Unlimited Player